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Drama Courses (Current Year)

Entry Level Courses:

  • Theater 1
  • Theater 2/Play Directing

Below are the course descriptions and syllabi for the courses being taught in the academic year currently in progress.

Public high school students in the State of Maryland need one fine arts credit (two semesters) for graduation. Any class below may be applied to this requirement. These courses are open to all students, although some courses may have prerequisites. Unless otherwise indicated, all are full-year (two-semester) courses, and students may not take semester 2 (B) without having taken the semester 1 (A) course.

Common Forms:

  • The form for consenting to the use of images or videos of your artwork, performance, likeness and/or voice on MCPS websites and other publications is here.
  • The Student Acceptable Use Agreement for Internet Access is here.

Theater 1A -- This introductory course covers myriad aspects of theater, and includes both classroom and independent work. Students will see and review one live piece of theatre, and work as a class to produce a play or scene that will be showcased as a final project. Students will gain an understanding of character and dramatic structure, theater history, and principles of stage design, and will improve memorization and physical and vocal expression onstage.

2015-2016 syllabus for Ms. O'Connor.

Theater 1B/2B/Play Directing -- This continuation of Theater 1A covers a broad range of theater design, performance and history, and includes both classroom and independent work. Topics include critiqueing text and performances, class study of selected plays, monologues and scene studies, costume and set design, techniques of breath and speech, and improvisation. Theatre 2B and Play Directing students will to see and review one live piece of theater per quarter.

2015-2016 syllabus for Ms. O'Connor.

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