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Music Courses (Current Year)

Entry Level Courses:

  • Concert Band, intermediate level
  • Concert Choir
  • Guitar 1
  • Piano 1
  • Concert Orchestra, intermediate level

Advanced Level Courses (prerequisites shown in parentheses):

    General Music

    • AP Music Theory and Composition
    • Guitar 2 (Guitar 1)
    • Music and Its Technology
    • Piano 2 (Piano 1 or equivalent, or audition)

    Choral Music

    • Show Choir (audition)

    Instrumental Music

    • Jazz Lab Band (audition)
    • Honors Jazz Band (audition)
    • Honors Symphonic Band (audition)
    • Honors Symphonic Orchestra (audition)

Below are the course descriptions and syllabi for the courses being taught in the academic year currently in progress.

Public high school students in the State of Maryland need one fine arts credit (two semesters) for graduation. Any class below may be applied to this requirement. These courses are open to all students, although some courses may have prerequisites. Unless otherwise indicated, all are full-year (two-semester) courses, and students may not take semester 2 (B) without having taken the semester 1 (A) course.

Common Forms:

  • The form for consenting to the use of images or videos of your artwork, performance, likeness and/or voice on MCPS websites and other publications is here.
  • The Student Acceptable Use Agreement for Internet Access is here.

General Music Courses:

Guitar 1 A & B * -- Focuses on guitar playing basics and music reading. Students can play chords and melodies in a very short time.

2015-2016 syllabus for Ms. Hernández-Catá.

Guitar 2 A & B * -- Focuses on advanced guitar techniques and music reading. Class performs as ensemble at concerts and presents guitar projects once a semester.

2015-2016 syllabus for Ms. Hernández-Catá.

* Guitar students have the opportunity to perform at the two coffeehouses with solos and small groups.

Piano 1 A & B ** -- Focus is on piano playing techniques, music reading. Students can play simple songs from the first day in class.

2015-2016 syllabus for Mrs. Josey, Mr. Oldham.

Piano 2 A & B ** -- Focus is on advanced piano techniques, music, beginning composition and improvisation. Music history as it influenced keyboard music and composers is studied.

2015-2016 syllabus for Mrs. Josey.

** Piano students are often chosen to play for special events both in school and in the community.

AP Music Theory and Composition A & B -- Students with strong interest and preparation in music prepare to meet the requirements of the College Board for advanced placement in Music Theory. Practice in sight-singing, dictation, composition, and improvisation is complemented by listening and score analysis. In the second semester, students read, write, and analyze music of increasing complexity. They study in detail the techniques used to compose music, including electronic media. Workbook available for purchase.

2015-2016 syllabus for Mrs. Josey.     Concert Review Requirements

Music and Its Technology A & B -- (suggested course for Media, Music and the Arts Academy) -- Students are introduced to music software that allows them to learn, compose, and manipulate music by the use of notation, sequencing and computer-aided instruction software. Music reading is required.

2015-2016 syllabus for Ms. Roberts.

Choral Performance Courses:

Chorus and Show Choir (grades 9-12) --- Combined choral group open to all interested students. Choral students have the opportunity to audition for county and state honors groups. Syllabus information is in the Blair Choral Handbook.

Instrumental Performance Courses: (For syllabus information for these courses, please see the Blair Instrumental Music Handbook.)

Concert Band, intermediate level -- (grades 9-12) -- open to all students

Honors Symphonic Band -- (grades 10-12) -- audition required

Jazz Lab Band -- (grades 9 - 12) -- audition required

Honors Jazz Band -- (grades 10 - 12) -- audition required

Concert Orchestra, intermediate level -- (grades 9-12) -- open to all students

Honors Symphonic Orchestra -- (grades 10-12*) -- audition required

* Note: Advanced level 9th-grade instrumental students may request an audition for Honors Symphonic Band and Honors Symphonic Orchestra.

All instrumental groups perform at many local venues throughout the school year. They also perform at solo and ensemble, county and State Festivals and some groups travel on extended trips. All honors students are expected to participate in extra concerts, solo and ensemble festival, and to audition for county and state honors groups. All band students are eligible to perform with the marching band during the fall.

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Linked syllabi for the 2015 - 2016 year were collected from the teachers from August 20 to September 12, 2015.

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