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Projects from Our Ceramics Classes

This page shows sample products from the course. Descriptions by the teacher are included so you can understand what's going on in the photo and get a better sense of what you might do if you signed up for the course. Works displayed here are original works of art by Blair students, who have rights of copyright to them. These works are not to be copied by others. Identification of the student artists by name is avoided in order to maintain the school's commitment to protecting the identity, privacy and security of its students. Credits are posted only with the written permission of the student and his/her parent or guardian.

Course Numbers
Ceramics and Sculpture 1: #6381/6391
Ceramics and Sculpture 2: #6383/6393
Ceramics and Sculpture 3: #6385/6386
Ceramics Advanced Studio: #631330/631430

Art Show Spring 2014: Here are some of our finest ceramic achievements from the 2013/2014 school year that are on display at Blair's annual Fine Arts Festival.

Ceramics 1:
Sketch Book Designs - Our first project of the year is create a sketch book to demonstrate our knowledge of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.
Tea Cup Project - Here are a few examples of Ceramic 1's first clay project. The students made a set of tea cups using the pinch pot method.
Piggy Bank Project - Students continued to use their pinch potting skills to save for their future endeavors by creating a piggy bank based on their favorite animal or creature.
Slab Box Project - Students learn to create bas-reliefs on slabs depicting their hobbies and interests.

Ceramics 2:
Our students participate in the annual charity event called Empty Bowls that is in collaboration with the students and Art Department of Sherwood High School. Our students hone their skills in ceramics by creating bowls to be sold with a meal which reminds our patrons of all the bowls on dinner tables that go unfilled. The proceeds are donated to a local food bank.

Ceramics 3 and 4:
Our students in Ceramics 3 and Advanced Studio create a variety of works based upon their interests. The work can vary from figurative sculptures with personal meaning to functional ware such as tea pots and dinnerware. Students also explore new glazes and surface treatments while enhancing their already existing skills. The artworks that they create are used for portfolios for college, for sale and self-promotion or for their own personal interest.

The Potter's Wheel:
Students in all levels develop skills in creating works on the potter's wheel. This process includes: centering the clay, opening the mound and pulling the walls up to create form and volume, and when the piece is sufficiently dry it is turned upside down and excess clay is trimmed away to create a foot. These images show students at various stages of the process of the potter's wheel.

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