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National Arts Honor Society

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Sponsor: Amanda Wall

The National Art Honor Society is an organization that recognizes students who have shown outstanding ability in the field of Art. Through school and community service projects, students are able to pursue creative endeavors that work toward reaching their highest potential in the field of Art. NAHS strives to bring attention to the arts in the school and community. NAHS is continually looking for dedicated artists and service projects to spread awareness of Art being a viable area within the school curriculum.

Service Projects:

Each year, the NAHS looks for new service project opportunities for students to use their talents to better impact the community. For the past few years, Art students have partnered with the Youth Art for Healing organization or the Montgomery Blair Science Department.

Youth Art for Healing

"Youth Art for Healing is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring works of Art created by youth into healthcare environments to provide a sense of comfort inspiration and healing for patients and their loved ones, and healthcare professionals."

This year, Montgomery Blair's NAHS is teaming up with Youth Art for Healing to create twenty-two paintings for Suburban Hospital. In previous years, Blair's NAHS chapter has donated paintings to Washington MedStar Hospital and to Georgetown Hospital.

Art and Science

Since 2012, several students of the National Art Honor Society have worked on Science-themed murals that are located in the Science hallways at Blair. So far we have completed a STEM mural, Biology and Marine Biology, and a Chemistry mural. This year, students have completed the sketching process and began painting a Physics mural.


If you are interested in becoming a member, please submit an application to Ms. Wall by Wednesday November 4th.


  • Must be sophomore, junior or senior
  • Completed at least one semester of Art
  • Minimum art scholarship average of 3.0
  • Must maintain a 2.0 minimum grade point average
  • Must be recommended by two members of the Blair faculty

Members must remain active when not enrolled in an art course, and must keep up with membership fees each year.

Important Dates to Remember for Fall Semester

  • Wednesday September 30th, 2015 First NAHS meeting
  • Wednesday October 7th NO MEETING -- Work on sketches and fill out YAFH forms
  • Wednesday October 14th Youth Art for Healing Sketches YAFH forms due
  • Wednesday October 21st NAHS Meeting
  • Wednesday October 28th NAHS Meeting
  • Wednesday November 4th NO MEETING-NAHS application due with 2 teacher signatures
  • Wednesday November 11th NAHS Meeting
  • Wednesday November 18th NAHS Meeting
  • Wednesday November 25th NO MEETING
  • Wednesday December 2nd NAHS Meeting-Member fees are due
  • Wednesday December 9th NAHS Meeting
  • Wednesday December 16th NAHS Meeting
  • Wednesday December 23rd NO MEETING

Information on this page was updated September 28, 2015.